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Third Place Books is Lake Forest Park’s awesome bookstore with more than 200,000 new and used books.  It is a fun, cozy, and  place to browse, read, relax, laugh, play and visit.  There’s always something going on at Third Place Books and January is packed with fun things to do.

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There are so many ways to avoid paying the 520 tolls that commuters are at a loss for the best way to go. I mean you have choices like telecommuting, van pools, car pools and buses; which is the best choice for your situation and location?

Fortunately location transportation agencies have developed a new website that is just for weary 520 commuters and it is packed with useful information that should answer all your questions and more. You’ll have information like the following at your fingertips:

1.  A list of bus routes, both Sound Transit and Metro that take commuters to both sides of the like

2.  How to join a van pool or put one together yourself (Registered van pools don’t have to pay tolls).

3.  A great map of all the Eastside park and rides around 520 along with information about how many spaces are in each and when they are typically full. A plus with Eastside park and ride’s are that they’re free!

4.  Advice on telecommuting and cutting your transportation costs.

5. Everything first time bus riders should know to make their commute easy.

Keep this website address handy if you’re going to be travelling 520. It can be a real time and frustration saver!



November 17, 2011

                                           If Not Now…When!!!


Interest rates affect the outcomes anticipated by buyers and sellers alike each and every day. This chart represents that interest rate history for the last 30 years. When I became a full time Realtor in 1984, all of my colleagues who had been selling for years were ecstatic at the 13.5% interest rates. That was a huge improvement from rates above 18% that many of their clients had experienced.

In 1984 if you had $2000 to spend for your monthly principle and interest payment, you could afford a $174,000 loan amount at 13.5%. In 1994 that same payment would afford you a $263,000 loan amount. And today, that same payment would afford you a $406,000 loan amount.   

Timing is everything, and we have not experienced a better interest rate environment in the last 30 years. (please let me know if you would like to see a copy of the graph from the last 30 years) That, coupled with the decrease in home values in many areas, should really bolster your buying power.                                                

As a real estate agent active in your neighborhood for over 27 years, I can offer you the specialized knowledge and experience gained by working with properties like yours and people like you.

You can find answers to your real estate questions or search for any home on the market by any real estate firm in the greater Puget Sound Region at my web sites:     www.MichaelPeters.net / www.Lake-Forest-Park.com  / www.cooltownhomes.com      

All over Seattle, the typical sale prices for town homes tend to be comparable to or somewhat under the majority of the resale home values for the average two bedroom, one bath single family homes. Town home buyers reap the benefits of additional liveable space, less maintenance as well as nicer amenities and location than buyers of Cape Code or Craftsman styled homes built decades years ago. Buyers also appreciate that fact that most town home are located within easy walking distance to many of Seattle’s hippest city centers offering a variety of wonderful restaurants, coffee shops, quirky café’s and shopping.

Most buyers decide to purchase a town home because of the fantastic features they provide. Seattle’s town homes blend timeless architectural design and style with sophisticated modern conveniences. Most town homes range in size from about 1,000 square feet to over 1,500 square feet. Quite often Seattle town homes also have one car garages, always a great perk. Many town homes come with a deck off of the living area as well as off the master bedroom. You will find very nice 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom floor plans, typically with 2 to 3 bathrooms. Kitchens frequently come with stainless steel appliances, maple or cherry wood cabinets and a gas range. The main floor will come with hardwood/bamboo floors. The third floor town homes usually have attractive vaulted ceilings.

If you are looking for a change of address or a change in your lifestyle, you will find it at www.cooltownhomes.com .

Save the date for Lake for storytelling with Threshold Theater as Lake Forest Park celebrates this year of storytelling and the fantastic Third Place Commons as the heart of the Lake Forest Park community.

For more information visit: http://www.thirdplacecommons.org/

Third Place Commons,
Upper level at the Lake Forest Park Towne Centre
17171 Bothell Way NE
Lake Forest Park, WA  98155

Seattle is a vibrant and sophisticated city surrounded by lush natural beauty and an abundance of recreational activities. In 2011, it was actually ranked by the Walk Score as the 6th most walkable city out of fifty of the United State’s largest cities. The downtown area is filled with a variety of restaurants from 5 star to quirky little eateries, museums and galleries, great shopping The famous Pike Place Market, Seattle Aquarium and more.  It is surrounded by beautiful waterways, three national parks and two breathtaking mountain ranges. To the west of Seattle you’ll find the only temperate rain forest in the entire continental U.S. To the east of Seattle you’ll find Washington states world class wine region.

All of Seattle’s surrounding cities have their own unique charm with real estate ranging from high end condos, to multi family homes and mansions. You’ll find beautifully renovated historical real estate, some that were ancient building converted to condos and other harming Victorian homes and brick Tudors. Whatever you’re looking for in Seattle real estate you’ll find. Your dream home is just waiting for your real estate agent to find it for you.

If you have any questions regarding Seattle real estate, community information and event, or want to know more about the current market conditions, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’d be happy to help.

Mike Peters

Lake Forest Park, WA has always prided itself on its small town feel and natural, wooded environment along Lake Washington. Primarily single-family residential, the community since 1909 has been a refuge for professionals drawn to its large forested, park-like lots with views of the lake, so close to work in Seattle or other nearby markets.

Lake Forest Park residents active civic involvement led to the city’s 1961 incorporation. The tremendous outpouring of resentment over issues in siting a commercial development in a wetlands just north of the lake knitted a community together over common interests. That shopping center today, called Lake Forest Park Town Center, is the focus for community events.

Lake Forest Park retains many of the tranquil, country-living qualities its first residents sought nearly a century ago. Stands of old-growth Douglas fir, alder anti maples frame its neighborhoods, streams and waterfront. Many of the older homes are built on quarter- to half-acre lots.  You’ll find starter homes for under $200,000, all the way up to high end residences on the lakefront.

Lake Forest Park is a wonderful community with a unique combination of small down charm with big city amenities.

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